This is "our" project!

We are committed to creating a sustainable future, but can only do so in partnership with our community. 

Minimising damage to local fisheries and preserving the environment is one of our top priorities. We are strongly focused on the results and recommendations of the Environmental and Fishery Impact Assessment Reports and will share these with the community. 

Numerous community meetings and presentations for residents have been organised to ensure we acknowledge our local community’s voices. We will also adopt a local participation scheme to share future benefits.

Songi Island Resident Jeju Wind Farm Tour, May 2022
EIA Resident Briefing Session, June 2022
Anma Resident Jeju Wind Farm Tour, November 2021

Every project is unique

We are committed to delivering the best project possible, however our team and consultant’ efforts would be incomplete without the involvement of our community and local stakeholders. We strongly believe that Anma Offshore wind should be developed according to the site’s characteristics, environment, and our community’s feedback. We are keen to hear your ideas and understand your plans for the future.

“We wish to be your most respectful guest and neighbour and are bringing the best expertise to build Anma Offshore Wind.”


People and environment are at the centre of our project

We want to make a long-lasting and meaningful contribution to the environment, as well as to our community, and hope to continue to discuss how we can achieve this together.

Did you know?

The project is named after the closest island off the shore of Yeonggwang-gun. The project not only borrows its name from its location, but will also be designed to conform with the site’s characteristics.

Do you have any feedback or a complaint? Please let us know

We value feedback and encourage you to contact us if have any concerns about our actions, decisions, or policies. 

We strive to make this process fair, easy and transparent. We treat every complaint individually, applying this policy to any complaint from members of the public about decisions made, contractors, or staff. 

Anyone can make a complaint and you can do so anonymously. Concerns can be raised either verbally or in writing if you are not satisfied about a decision we have made or an action we have taken.